Suning apply express license layout Logistics or increase the burden on Enterprises

, the State Post Bureau of the latest public information display, Suning Appliance has been applied for the express business license, Suning Appliance become Jingdong mall, Eslite, shop No. 1, and a business enterprise application express licence.

according to the State Post Bureau of public information, Suning application scope for domestic express delivery business, business area includes 11 main city of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Wuhan etc..

for self logistics system, Suning has prepared a lot of money. In July this year, said it will invest 20 billion to build logistics system. In December 12th, Suning Appliance up to 8 billion of the company’s debt financing plan approved, the first batch of 4 billion 500 million yuan was issued in December 14th.

iResearch consulting analyst Su Huiyan said that the self built logistics is not every electricity supplier can play the game, not only to have a strong financial strength, but also requires a large amount of electricity supplier orders. released data show that this year 11 the company sales orders exceeded 1 million 500 thousand single day, three days a total of nearly 3 million single orders.

there are concerns about the industry, Suning express overweight field will increase the burden on businesses, after all, the investment cost of the logistics is one of the most part of the electricity supplier in consumption.

Su Ning is not the first to apply for the express license business enterprise, Jingdong, VANCL mall, shop No. 1 have started to self logistics involved in the courier industry. Last month, as’s main rival Jingdong mall, the Jingdong Express has opened outside the single, the service object to business platform, carry out distribution business in the country 360 large and medium-sized city including Chengdu has.

Eslite established "wind up" express began opening the single from November last year, to provide distribution services in Beijing, Shanghai for BELLE’s excellent shopping online shoe.

electricity supplier self built logistics reverse logistics companies to test the electricity supplier. At present, the domestic including SF and other courier companies, have also started their own business website.

other courier companies are seeking transformation, the chairman Chen Xianbao told reporters, with the Jingdong, Dangdang this kind of cooperation in the electricity supplier profit is too low, the courier company to watch the small business market.


electricity supplier to build logistics for the customer experience

as a result of the introduction of the general mode of joining the distribution chain has become a lot of electricity supplier pain points".

according to the "logistics" magazine and Haosenwei market research company, service satisfaction of online shopping delivery is only 39.8%. Amazon, Jingdong,, Eslite mall, shop No. 1, and other large electricity providers have to self built logistics system of the road.

China Express Network chief consultant Xu Yong said that the electricity supplier is the need for personalized services, third party express >

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