The other side of NOKA’s decline the activation of a number of entrepreneurial companies


Recently, foreign media

TechCrunch wrote that NOKIA’s decline has been activated in Finland start-up companies, had a dominant industry pattern into many startups contention of a hundred schools of thought. And more and more evidence also shows that NOKIA’s decline for Finland, the beginning of everyone thought it was a nightmare, but now look at the rescue of Finland.

NOKIA market capitalization in 2001 during the subversion of the approaching $250 billion, the world’s third. 2008, NOKIA sold 468 million mobile phones, the market share of 39%. NOKIA highest contribution to Finland’s 4% of GDP and exports of 25%, the global staff of 120 thousand people, only Finland has a number of 25000. Once in the NOKIA office is a great honor for the finns. Now the scene is gone for ever, as in recent years, NOKIA in the mobile market behind, companies continue to lay off, to the beginning of 2013, NOKIA employees have less than 93 thousand people, after the mobile phone sector sold to Microsoft, Microsoft announced the layoff of 18 thousand people, most of them are employees in Finland.

these employees from NOKIA after leaving home, not unemployed, they in the field of wireless communications and mobile phone manufacturing has accumulated deep technology, then set up a mobile Internet based start-up company, the birth of well-known companies including "angry birds", "tribal conflict", Jolla and other mobile Internet upstart, revitalize the the employment and economy of Finland.

in this process, NOKIA has given full play to the sense of social responsibility of large companies, these start-ups have been vigorously supported, coupled with the support of the government, making the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Finland unprecedented.

NOKIA’s temperature help startups

NOKIA is a very important contribution, many products or technology is not useful to NOKIA, let employees get free of these technology and patent directly to venture outside, the lack of core technology is the key of small companies. For example, the development of communication products startups Piceasoft, free use of wireless data transmission technology of NOKIA, NOKIA MeeGo derivatives Jolla same, NOKIA gave up its own research and development of MeeGo mobile operating system, is composed of former employees of the new authorized team Jolla use MeeGo to create a new product patent. Jolla has launched several generations of products, products also landed in the Chinese market. Another company to do smart wearable devices PulseOn also got NOKIA heartbeat monitoring technology, which is more advanced than similar products on the market technology.

In addition to the

patent, the government in Finland to promote, NOKIA also start the company to provide financial support, NOKIA from the beginning of 2011, launched a 3 year transfer plan (Bridge Program), the bridge provides NOKIA employees entrepreneurial financial support, bank loans, business information, entrepreneurship courses, and.

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