Biography of the Ministry of brewing APP filing system developers said operability is not strong


has a point of view that the app store may become a certification and audit platform.

some APP developers think filing system operability is not strong, there is a point of view that the application store may become a certification and audit platform

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) yesterday, the Ministry of brewing APP (third party application) for the record of the news sparked heated debate in the industry. This message APP developers more wait-and-see attitude, there are developers that, each product is not a way to record the operation".

"record operability is not strong"

days ago, the Ministry of telecommunications economic expert committee secretary general Chen Jinqiao said in an interview: "the Ministry is to establish a long-term evaluation system, evaluation and inspection on the intelligent mobile phone applications, built-in software." To be included in the management of the third party platform, set up to record, run to supervise. In particular, the application of individual developers should be included in the management system, such as the real name authentication." Chen Jinqiao said. Currently, the news has not been officially confirmed by the Ministry of industry. Reporters yesterday repeatedly contacted Chen Jinqiao, but no one answered the phone.

more than APP development companies yesterday said it was not aware of the matter, did not receive any notice. The front net, 91 assistants, Android market platform also had no related news.

APP rapid flow of the relevant responsible person believes that the product is not strong operability of the record. "Our products are updated every one or two weeks, the review will be very cumbersome". He also mentioned that some educational software applications, a class is a APP, more infeasible.

APP product courier relevant responsible person also said that the record, audit and other programs is not realistic. Companies such as APP have been established to provide business licenses, but there are still a large number of individual developers, a large number of. To the relevant departments of the human investigation is very difficult.

, according to technology website BGR reported that as of November this year, Apple’s APP Store application has exceeded 1 million. Apple claims that its app store total downloads reached 35 billion times in a period of four years. Google in October revealed that its Android platform APP applications reached 700 thousand.

APP necessary to monitor

, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, telecommunications experts Ceng Jianqiu said in a media interview, the rapid development of mobile Internet, APP management is imperative. He believes that the mobile Internet to the time standard, Jurisprudence (apple APP times jurisprudence), secret operations and other issues have been completely unmasked. If the ministry does not formulate the relevant rules, it will face accusations of dereliction of duty.

a number of APP development companies on the record policy to hold a wait and see attitude, they believe that the app store may serve as a future certification, audit platform >

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