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industry tide, sea Amoy passengers. No one is doomed to success, luck, opportunity, confidence, vision, etc. have decided how long you can run, the ultimate dream of entrepreneurship can be achieved. In this protracted war, the former blood that you absolutely need to do pay attention to the. Xiao Bian today to find a dry cargo, share with you.

network: Yitang lack of position, financing too much


advantage: etang network founder Tang Haisong formed a dream team – by 5 Harvard MBA and two University of Chicago MBA. Business plan to get two attractive billion a total of $50 million in financing from two famous American venture capital DFJ, SevinRosen.

defeat: etang net quickly in the major colleges and universities in the country quickly take cities and seize territory, "burn": in addition to the establishment of a branch in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen three, Yitang also widely recruit staff, and around the massive propaganda campaign. At the end of 2000, the Internet’s winter suddenly, Yitang money burned half, but is still not profitable. After the transformation has not been successful.

tears: the biggest problem is that there is no positioning failure yitang. This is also the problem of most Internet entrepreneurs. Exaggerated, not willing to sink the heart to help users to solve practical problems, but with the fantasy of money can hit an Internet group. The Internet can be said to China Yitang did not make any remarkable contributions, perhaps the only contribution is to provide a great failure case.

Cool 6 network: the victim of the battle line


advantage: Cool 6 once with Youku and potatoes called "three video website".


: after being acquired for only one year, cool 6 network began to fall behind: leaving the founder, has become big losses, bloody big layoffs, restructuring again…… After a grand clean-up of the founding team, Chen and Li Shanyou on the cool 6 network development strategy differences. Chen Tianqiao hope that the development direction of the cool 6 is "video news", Li Shanyou is more to buy genuine copyright "large" mode, they eventually part.

tears: the video industry has always been to "burn" is known, in the grand Cool 6 who have invested nearly $two hundred million, but uncollected particles. And perhaps this is the most direct cause of the transformation of cool 6. Burn $two hundred million, had an awkward transition. Management and founder, the concept is different, the enterprise will not have the right direction and end.

: market too far ahead of

e state


advantage: e state was the 2000 e-commerce star enterprise, once the slogan for an hour home delivery, which got many users praise.

: This > defeat

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