Network group purchase management Dutch act vulnerable within 1 years the number had fallen

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this time last year, Dongguan has about more than and 40 group purchase network of fierce fighting in the market, however, just over a year, the industry found that the market can see the figure of not more than 5.

The industry is absolutely unique

"this phenomenon." The reporter interviewed the industry agreed that behind the chaos in the development of the network to buy, businesses and consumers are many cases of damage. Today, the market is still just unfolding group purchase but not mature business model, resulting in many of their own capital were frustrated, a profound lesson.


capital chain network group purchase Juankuan

days ago, Houjie Town, a photography shop owner told reporters, "Dongguan Groupon (micro-blog)" after he defaulted payment of nearly 30 thousand yuan, the business manager disappeared, many staff have disappeared.

and he is the same as the victims of the photographic agencies there are many, these photographic agencies in the group to buy the site to provide services to consumers, and buy the network from the hands of consumers after receiving the money disappeared".

is another group purchase network fudge and clothing business in Dongguan Mr. Zhang, he signed a contract in the autumn of last year with a group purchase network of Dongguan Railway Station, he agreed to provide a number of men’s fashion sales on the site, and the site is committed to helping sales in a certain period of time. Mr. Zhang did not return for the progress of sales, finally sold a small quantity of the product, however, the network did not pay half of the payment in accordance with the contract, Mr. Zhang finally promised to terminate the cooperation according to the contract.

know that the city gathers in Dongguan general manager of network company Ao Bin said, this time last year, about more than and 40 group purchase website to participate in market competition in Dongguan, from last year to now, group purchase website reported the news of the collapse, triggering a series of businesses and consumers are deceived or implicated in the malignant event. #p#: #e#


group purchase network experienced a close call

in the first half of 2011, due to optimistic about the Dongguan market consumption capacity, a nationwide group purchase websites have vied for the Dongguan market, set up sub station. The peak period, the national group purchase website vertical management of the Dongguan sub station was once close to 30, the total group purchase market in Dongguan also broke through the 15 million yuan mark.

sunshine network market in the Internet business and the mall responsible person Mr. Jia said, from last year to this year, group purchase network suffered the largest industry in the process of survival of the fittest, many investors from the beginning of the confidence to finally dismal, with only after a year of time.

"this time last year, group purchase network like a swarm of bees to enter the market, after fierce competition, group purchase network talent will be a hard day, businesses have received another batch of business negotiations.

, however, from the bottom half

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