The recruitment website to enter the SNS out of rebirth shall adhere to the service to the king

at present, the recruitment site after a long time performance loss, have shown a warming trend. Statistics show that the future in 2010 fourth quarter operating profit growth of 86.2%, Zhaopin and results also showed different degrees of growth. Recently, qianchengwuyou again into a high-profile already hot SNS, in cooperation with micro-blog and other new media. The recruitment website was in jail, began his long turned the rebirth of the road.

recruitment site is still difficult

recruitment website in China has gone through more than and 10 years of history, although the domestic recruitment website with thousands of large and small, but the network recruitment market has basically formed a qianchengwuyou, ChinaHR and Zhaopin three giants dingzuerli situation, three big websites accounted for about 60% of the market share. In this three recruitment website was first established, has its own characteristics such as: ChinaHR focus on campus recruitment; the line under the 51job newspaper recruitment and online interaction; with headhunting business started, Zhaopin has been dominated the recruitment market, high-end enterprise. However, with the intensification of competition, the three major network recruitment company business model homogenization phenomenon has also been accelerated catalytic. A peer a network recruitment industry that there is too much overlap or similar to the three giants in the market, industry, regional positioning, competition for each other badly.

recruitment site itself has been criticized for other issues. Analysts pointed out that the current large-scale recruitment network recruitment form caused massive information hybridity confusion, so that job seekers and recruiters need to go through another round of screening to find suitable object. For different levels of job seekers and the different needs of the enterprise, information asymmetry is likely to make both missed. At the same time, the network recruitment website profit path is relatively simple, the current is mainly to the recruitment of enterprise information. The fees charged to the enterprise, is paid by the hour for the agency "Commission", which makes many enterprises in the absence of requirements or circumstances still hang out full recruitment advertisement, with low cost to obtain the value of brand advertising. This not only weakened the media value of the site itself, but also greatly affected the recruitment website brand image.

The worry is not in

, and to the foreign aggression. April 11th, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu Inc officially launched online recruitment platform – Baidu talent". Relevant personage thinks, Baidu will bring a talent recruitment network may even re shuffle amidst the winds of change, by recruitment website, and recruitment website day will be more sad.

addition, talent website is raging like a storm Internet Association Council, Chinese over personnel recruitment network CEO Wu Qiang pointed out that localization is the development trend of the Internet market, and to adapt to the trend of the local talent website, threatening the national comprehensive recruitment website monopoly. The recruitment website if not domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the situation will be more difficult to change.


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