From the origin, swing, the relationship with AL

tiger sniffing note: today (September 23rd) morning, Alibaba Group officially released IM mobile phone products. This is the Alibaba group announced the newly established network communication department, the first foreign official debut of the group’s core project.

According to Alibaba

group network communications division and director Zou Mengrui, and from Taobao, Alipay import friends. The reason to do so, is not in order to quickly increase the user will not be consistent with the positioning of the product users.

but in fact, Ali still want to be able to rely on Ali resources and advantages of a product. For example, Zou Mengrui said, the next will take a series of Ali’s quality of life service application access to and from the platform, including the industry’s most advanced swept code parity tool, which Amoy Taobao local living services such as Alipay APP, Amoy little access in the future will be open to the outside world. In the long run, in addition to mobile social, and will integrate more social and life scenes, service users in all aspects.

from the inside of Ali is a product of more than two years of history. From the Google+ project early to mobile IM location now, from the past two years to rally Ali neither dead nor alive today, social heart never dies.

to know almost on the search on "from" discussion, we can see: in the past two years, from once Ali to ordinary users, are not optimistic about the serious Ali can do to exchange "as an example of social project.

If the

has failed to produce social gene in this Ali Empire electricity supplier, it is a pity as Ma Ali CEO, the successor CEO Lu Zhaoxi will end Ali do social product history?

the following this article from "the world" network Pan Hongying, she put out called "strategic defense Ali social". This attitude is low enough. This article can see how the two years from the swing……

origin of

two years ago is 2011 or Facebook and Google+, era, when m chat is ready, WeChat within a Tencent has only a new business incubator, and has also started in the internal Ali hatch.

According to one of the founding staff from

Jerry recalls, when Ma and Lu Zhaoxi group respectively in different occasions before, Ali can find a small team to be a purely social product, Andy (Li Ang, Ali group information platform Division) also believe that Ali did a social product the time is ripe. Jerry and several colleagues from the international division of Alibaba are also interested in a small team, the development of a Web based SNS products, from the birth of this.

to meet the social needs of product orientation, then the specific choice of what product form to achieve it?


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