RMB against the U.S. dollar continued to decline in cross-border electricity supplier or will face r

The first trading day of 2016

, is also the central bank to extend Renminbi trading day of the first day, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar did not usher in a good start, but the median price and the spot exchange rate plunged both. According to the latest data released by the Chinese foreign exchange trade center, January 4, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.5032 yuan, compared with the previous trading day down 96 basis points, dollar fell below the 6.50 mark the first time since May 24, 2011. The same day, the RMB Offshore spot exchange rate fell more than 300 basis points over the previous trading day.

consecutive days of the RMB exchange rate lower, affecting all aspects of our lives. Especially for the sea Amoy family and ready to exit the public, will undoubtedly increase their spending. Purchasing industry profits greatly reduced, while cross-border electricity providers will face a new round of reshuffle.

consumers: outbound travel costs can no longer be happy to buy buy buy

, according to the Securities Daily reported that from the Tongzhou District orchard subway station near an international travel agency learned that, due to the continued depreciation of the RMB, the travel agency has changed a number of overseas travel quotes. "In order to dilute the cost, we can only increase the price of those overseas travel, but in this way, choose to travel abroad customers also reduced a lot."

analysts said, the current devaluation of the impact on the price of outbound travel can be ignored, the current travel agency has not yet adjusted the price of travel, but the cost has been invisible." The other said, outbound travel, shopping is an important part of the devaluation of the renminbi in the purchase of watches, handbags, cosmetics and so on, to spend more than a few months ago. "People travel shopping abroad think the appreciation of the renminbi, means to travel abroad to spend the same amount of money, you can live a better hotel, eat better meals, buy something better, it means that the devaluation will be slightly worse."

some time ago, three of my daughters gave me 20 thousand yuan of money to let the two old people in a foreign tour out to relax, but we decided to study two after a tour in China is right. After all, the devaluation of the renminbi, when we play abroad for hotels, restaurants, shopping will increase the new spending. Go out to play is to relax, you can not play outside, but also always worried about whether it will overrun." Wang is consulting travel projects on the Securities Daily reporters.

In addition to

, the sea Amoy family, now apparently also be ready to "go" in europe. There are people related industries said, with the appreciation of the dollar, the RMB purchasing power decline, the sea Amoy, purchasing would have cooled, "in the past is very concerned about the United States Amazon, later to look at the British and German Amazon, the same thing might be more favorable in Europe, and South Korea Lotte website."

purchasing industry: profit shrink purchasing are injured

cited Wenzhou business daily

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