Comparative analysis of WeChat micro-blog’s profit model

micro-blog, for everyone, may now be more vague, because a lot of people have left the micro-blog platform, have turned to the WeChat public platform. Micro-blog and WeChat’s profit model is mainly advertising and tape. But the comparison between the two, I think micro-blog is more humane, why do you say so?

is the main difference between the two different ways of advertising. For micro-blog, if we are advertising, in order to avoid the ads we have been restricted to the screen, then we can choose to spend more money to go micro tasks, so that we can be bold hair.

but for WeChat, if we want to send an ad, we have to worry about that. We fear most is to be reported if the titles, titles, it means that we valuable efforts were in vain, it will be a big loss.

so we do micro-blog earnings is the most important advertising and take the number, although now a lot of people have chosen to do micro signal, but there are still a lot of people chose the micro-blog platform. We also often come here to ask how much money with micro-blog. This shows that micro-blog is still quite developed.

we see now well-known micro-blog is still relatively small, more is some grassroots large. Many of the large display capacity of thousands of fans, but only dozens of forwarding, it will show a very normal. Can basically determine the number is the number of garbage. Some may be so hundreds of thousands of fans, but his forwarding volume can reach hundreds of thousands, these numbers are certainly true fans, and these good quality of the fans are pretty good.

but there is such a situation, although the amount of our fans is true, but we are not able to promote the amount of reading is always up, which is related to our content and the quality of our fans. If it is the reason for our content, then we have to find ways to do our work well.

About the micro-blog

source of income, we do more, most companies operating profit model is advertising, of course, not to say that all the advertisements can be connected, we are the general advertising, soft, so that our fans are not any harm, if we meet the advertisement is too hard, so we have not enough money to do fans.
for this link:

do we know what kind of advertising that is done? In fact, there is no content with no advertising, our advertisement is inserted in the end, if done the marketing people can see, there is the content of the promotion of a brand of automobile advertising exists.

this ad is the choice of a large number of fans to promote the promotion of a price of tens of thousands, this for us, WeChat a million

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