The recession in the U.S. dating site business good hot romance

Admin5 webmaster network July 23rd news the United States recently released employment figures show that in June the U.S. unemployment rate reached a new high of 26 years, for the recovery of consumer spending cast a new shadow. However, even if we do not look at these macro figures, signs of economic depression in life can still be seen everywhere.

according to the United States, "Washington watch" magazine reported that the economy is weak, go to the cinema. The recession cycle once again verified that rule of American society now. Although consumer spending in the United States grew by only 1.4% in the first quarter, the National Association of cinema owners said that in the same quarter, Americans spent more than $9% on movies.

more people stay at home, in addition to cooking vegetables, you can also do what? The Internet love? The most users of the social networking website said 2008 business in recent years is one of the best years. The fourth quarter of 2008, within a week the Dow in November after the collapse of, the number of subscribers to a record high of 7 years. said that when the Nasdaq stock index plunged in 2001, its turnover has soared.

recession love is not only reflected in the Internet boom, the nation’s largest romance publisher Harlequin said that in 2008, when the reel right and left the financial sector and the manufacturing industry, the company’s sales in the U.S. market even than the previous year increased by 32%. And turnover in 2009 is still rising. Harlequin said that the company’s published work on the theme and reasonable product pricing is the main reason for its success in sales.

‘s recent review of the New York Times offers another explanation. The article said that whenever the economic downturn, romance novels are particularly popular. "It was during the Great Depression of the American readers, strong support from" gone with the wind "(Gone with the Wind) sales. They escape the worries of real-life unemployment, mortgage loans, and shrinking retirement accounts through romance novels".

is under pressure from unemployment, mortgages, and shrinking retirement accounts, and many Americans simply don’t even bother to wash their clothes. Bill, chief executive of the American dry cleaning and laundry industry association, said that in 2008, the turnover of the dry cleaning and laundry industry in the United States fell by about 35% in the year to (Bill Fisher).

said: "on average, working men and women will wear their clothes every four times to get a dry cleaning shop. Now, they look at the clothes hung in the closet, said, I think we can put a back wash. Such a simple decision would mean a 20% decline in our business."

fell victim to the recession not just in the wardrobe of Americans, but also in the American sleep. The Washington based National Sleep Foundation (National>)

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