Want to go home to raise pigs – a sense of the nternet year

      has not been called teacher or Sir, but not in those knowledgeable, modest, my dress is simple, before the Academy of Sciences Professor rode a bicycle to the class, I also dare not say in any case is a teacher or mr..

      as the first master of business administration Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, how to master the use of Internet technology to the Academy of Sciences, abundant knowledge and wisdom spread out and reflect the value, which is the root of the establishment of Witkey network. Two years of Witkey produced a total of 23 articles, elaborated how to recognize this is a new field, where the origin of it, what is the development trend and operation rules, behind every article contains thousands of lines of code accumulation.

      September 2006 CCTV report greatly promoted the development of Witkey mode. But it also brings me a lot of pressure. I know that this is not only a domain name, logo design is so simple, the reward and full payment deduction of 20% as the field of Witkey mode sooner or later to a dead end, since September 2006 I led a small team developed more than and 20 versions of the program website to look for mature Witkey mode, this experience many setbacks, discouraged, want to give up, despair, until 2007 June, when the last article on the "Witkey Witkey map – the next generation search engine" is completed, it can feel a breath.

      heart is indeed in the American rivalry, some people think that the concept is not important, it is the wrong idea, concept is the strategic level of competition, not their own concepts, whether we do better, it also belongs to BtoB, BtoC, SNS, blog, the six dimension, the concept of the Internet competition is the most powerful weapon, since a new field is found in our China, then put all the commanding heights of this field planted our flag, the evolution of the function of BBS, and the name of Witkey mode, Witkey XY theory, Witkey credit system, witmap invention, car wheel model Witkey the value of knowledge, the problem of Witkey, redefine the Internet, the relationship between Witkey mode and knowledge management, all of which is to let the Americans in the future there is no foothold in this field.

      objectively speaking, Witkey has not yet commercialized, is still a laboratory experiment, many of his future with the Americans on the concept level competition, rather than do the concept of monopoly in China, some important test items such as witmap (witmap) need large funds to further explore and I, there is no power to achieve. Sincerely hope that those who have the strength of the site do not stick to immature business model, bold breakthrough, let us in this field in the forefront of the world.


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