Webmaster network broadcast Pirate Bay by domain name resurrection honey bud baby was $60 million C

1 baby electricity supplier honey bud baby completed $60 million C round of financing  

news December 15th, honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan today announced the completion of a $60 million C round of financing, by the H Capital collar vote, the last round of investors Sequoia Capital and real funds to continue with the vote. B round of $20 million financing less than half a year.

Maternal and child products of high-end

honey bud baby main imports of the website on-line in March 2014, with "quality + genuine + limited sale model breakthrough in high-end maternal population, the month of on-line GMV million, 8 months has millions of users, October GMV of more than 100 million yuan, mobile terminal sales accounted for 75%, and keep a high price and high rate of re purchase.

2, mogujie.com said the beautiful and different rebate network adhere to the advantages of online shopping guide platform to fusion to the next line  

The traditional

line brand hastened the development of many commercial brands online channels, actively looking for a downward channel, the rebate intention and offline store launched the rebate card, online shopping and offline credit card, travel and other fields of the rebate group purchase service for users, similar to Lotte R-Point Card, in the domestic business environment is so complex next, the rebate card can achieve a card general


domestic electricity supplier, the most interesting than Jingdong and Ali’s game, Alibaba to open up the logic for the construction of ecology, Jingdong to integrate the value chain model to control the ecological. After the listing of Jingdong is a joint Tencent, with the entrance of WeChat compete for Taobao’s resources, and Ali with its own advantages, in terms of payment, financial management, small loans are far ahead. In the face of the gradual reduction of the city electricity supplier dividends, with 900 million of the population of the rural electricity supplier battle is being staged, the two sides are paying attention to fast quasi ruthless. In the big two when the war was going on, with beautiful shopping guide said, electricity supplier mogujie.com, as the representative of the rebate network is also trying to break the siege, to establish their own closed-loop ecosystem.

3 mobile Internet era, why classified information website will be backward?  

users now view only 58 city and Ganji, people network, such as the early Yideng net, net, list Jinti, cool easou, hurry up 8, to 114, has become history, there are some unknown classified information website is already with the evolution of the Internet and scattered in the the dust of history, they probably can find the shadow of the past.

2006, the number of classified information website reached 2000, after the market began to slump, even once heard rumors against the classified information website, then the 58 city in a number of classified information website in the first talent shows itself, listed on the NYSE in the U.S., while Ganji will be listed on the agenda.

4 inventory did not detonate in 2014 retail O2O>