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to do a small website, selling some display ads, even if the venture? Laoniao said: the pattern Tucson broken (too young, too simple


in 2007, I started a free Blogspot website specializing in the field of games. In less than 6 months, I was able to earn $3800 a month through Google Adsense and other channels.

A year after the

, independent website monthly visits reached 110 thousand, 1 million 500 thousand page views, $10 thousand a month. This blog is very simple, that is, every day for a game to send some information, and most of the content from the official game blog.

I’m so excited and proud. Then, after slight modification, will be submitted to a creative entrepreneurship conference.

but a successful entrepreneur who said to me: "this is not a business, just a website."

indeed, earn a little money may not be called entrepreneurship. Not the same flow of money.

that how to venture?

will anyone take my as a startup? The idea is simple, it’s easy to execute, and I don’t need any technology. Isn’t that a business,


so, I started to really start the business. I got some money this time, hired a programmer, and spent a year developing a data type platform for young people named Funhouse.

I have spent thousands of dollars, although there are more than 6 thousand members, but no income. Can I claim to be an entrepreneur now?

unfortunately, I did not get to do when the free website of entrepreneurial success – no advertising revenue, not much traffic.

if the venture is defined rather than losing it to get a great idea, looking forward to one day be acquired. I’m sorry, but I’d rather be a free website to make money.

why? Because I don’t want to change the world, at least not now. I just want to earn money.

this article compiled from the blog, author Mike Mon (Mike Moen) has repeatedly venture.

(Ding Hong)