Five artifact free network promotion

is currently a lot of enterprises in the network to promote this piece, there has been a common problem. That is to spend money to promote the network will certainly be a lot easier than free, at least in terms of the workload is so, even the income will certainly be stronger than the free one hundred times. The problem is do not know how to do the free network promotion, network promotion methods may not be suitable for all promotion, the promotion has unique needs for selective good promotion planning is good, if what promotion methods are a try, the effect is certainly not to go.

for some bad situation network promotion now, we will be following equipment five artifact:

1 soft Wen promotion, the most lethal biochemical weapons

a soft Wen, a chain, around the reprint, promote the spread of high.

on the promotion, not only enduring as the universe, every morning and evening, I really do not want to say too much, we all know the importance and feasibility of it. Simple steps:

1) the first task is to find the platform you can think of to register

2) next is to find the platform in the release plate

3) is the final preparation of the article (Tips: originality, readability, user experience)

on the soft writing I also mention, "a center, two basic points" is the important principle of all soft writing. That is, the day before yesterday I mentioned a "user experience" as the center, the two basic point is to create demand and guide consumption. IT software industry, for example, the user experience is the platform software development costs, energy, the use of product experience. On the contrary, leaving the user experience, your emotions are real, thinking and then rigorous, it is difficult to make the customer’s needs become urgent. Manufacturing needs and guide consumption is the purpose and purpose of the soft Wen, but also to grasp the details of the soft writing.

just wrote and sent back and forth, day and night, circulation. Up to two months, if you do not want to have tens of thousands of the chain is difficult, your shop, your marketing platform will quickly become the most popular vocabulary network.

2 Q & a promotion, the most search power assault weapon

youwenyouda, user experience, can now promote strong feasibility.

said the quiz, will think of Baidu, Sina, Soso Ask ask such question. You dig keywords to product promotion website to answer a question or answer questions or initiate. Q & a marketing done well, can achieve the purpose of gathering popularity in the short term.

3 blog, Forum promotion, the most flexible portable weapon

blog forum, as long as a open, high credibility, large amount of information, promote cohesion strong.

soft Wen to have published place >

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