Voice of East Lake third Wuhan automotive industry portal development

third voice of East Lake, Wuhan automotive industry to explore the development of network portal, invited to the local auto industry website founder of Wuhan to do a breakdown of the industry discussion. For the automotive industry market, the practice of the automotive industry website, the automotive industry to explore the activities of the line, some of the views of the industry outlook and foresight, the successful conclusion of the event.

1 Wuhan "car all" external environment

The development of Wuhan

automobile industry cannot do without the Dongfeng Motor City, dragon Dachang support, on the other hand due to the geographical advantage of Wuhan nine provinces. Wuhan’s core strengths lie in the fact that it has a strong industrial capacity and is located in the middle of the country, which can easily radiate the vast Midwest market of seven hundred million or eight hundred million people. But compared to the coastal cities, the other side of information resources are more abundant, easier to carry out high-end R & D. In addition, compared with Changchun, Wuhan, the degree of industrial agglomeration slightly loose. Wuhan city to become the important strategic fulcrum of the rise of the central region, must assume greater responsibility. After years of development, automobile and auto parts in the Development Zone accounted for more than 60% of the total weight, become the main pillar industries in Wuhan. Wuhan must build the automotive industry park, the formation of industrial clusters, the automotive industry to do special, do deep, do fine, bigger. Build up and down the automotive industry chain, is the focus of strategic transformation. Like car sales and service, auto finance, automobile culture industry in Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone has great room for development. This is the Wuhan Development Zone to create "Wuhan · Chinese cars are" key.

2 Wuhan automotive industry website analysis

worry free car network: www.che51.com

information + e-commerce: free car after 6 years of operations continue to accumulate, rely on electronic commerce original high quality information and seize the business and user line combination, to create a brand, and has Wuhan hotline, the sports network, Hubei TV and other cooperation, Wuhan Che Zhancheng office units, leader of Wuhan automobile industry portal.

Wuhan used car: www.566che.com

: professional second-hand car second-hand car portal, provides the omni-directional service for you in the second-hand car trading, car rental, industry information and so on, convenient, comprehensive and timely information to provide local second-hand car industry is our aim. 566che.com combined with the domestic auto industry’s traditional business model and professional automotive website foreign service model, can be used at any time to provide car resources and real, reliable, convenient and authoritative in the latest online car information and the safety of the car transaction service for the customer, make the user more convenient and fast query and release of second-hand car and relevant information. The central region occupy the forefront.

drying car network: www.33che.com

in the car network: agents nationwide auto portal area, with riders users as the core services in the car and car car service portal.

3 auto industry

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