The city dimensional network acquisition tick group agreement has been signed shares converted



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technology news February 1st morning news, according to sources, the preferential information city dimensional network service providers has acquired the group purchase website tick group. At present, the two sides have signed a purchase agreement, and all the shares have been transformed into tick group velo shares. The city dimensional network or through the acquisition, by tick group supplement its online business short board.

city was founded in 2006, headquartered in Shanghai, is a preferential information terminal operators. Dimensional city business model is the deployment of coupons online terminal, users can get coupons information on these terminals, the city of Victoria to collect advertising fees to businesses. Currently, the number of users of Victoria city over 5 million, had received three rounds of financing.

tick group was established in 2010, headquartered in Beijing, the founder of Google China District Sales Manager Song Zhongjie. Tick group used to get a IDG A round of investment capital. According to official data provided, the number of registered users of the company is currently about 10 million, the financial has been close to the profit point". Group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in December last year, the number of users covered the tick group in the domestic group purchase website ranked eighth.

according to sources, the city dimensional network has officially acquired "tick group". It is reported that the two companies have signed a purchase agreement, tick group shares also have transformed the city dimensional network shares. It is unclear the acquisition price.

the two companies from the business point of view, the city dimensional network layout lines, tick group card online. The acquisition of the city dimensional network, perhaps blank hopes to supplement its online business tick group.

velo and tick group yet to comment on the matter.

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