Local portal market segments, specializing in a little, gather popularity

— market segments, specializing in a bit, gathering popularity [counterattack]

      after two years of hard work, he is still feeling, I can say, is a person to slowly groping in the local portal entrepreneurial things, hoping to guide personal website to do local portal webmaster. I also not what master, on the Internet is not " " people. Speak not understand the place, you can contact me, communicate with each other, progress.

      since that time. Failed to do local portal. I began to think about my market positioning, where is my target customers? Some people say: " portal big and full, yes, ah, popularity can slowly accumulate, how do you think it failed. " for that, I didn’t think too much at that time. There are several reasons:

      1: for local, do too much local portal, many of which are information harbor, hotline, XX life network, XX metropolitan network, XX city online. Competition is fierce. Everybody’s fighting for the meat. If the industry atmosphere do bad, then the market can not imagine. So I decided to withdraw from the large local disputes among sects. Instead of starting with a small market they don’t care about. In that way, I will not offend people, but also at ease to do their own market.

      2: for my own just do the portal, a lack of popularity, two no visibility, no partner to do the backing of three. Alone is not enough to own a cavity blood and years of entrenched market information port competition. Almost everything starts with the most basic.   forum, yellow pages, talent.. In the face of the empty channel page, I can take what to pull advertisers?

opportunities are always left to those who are ready…

I began to look carefully at the local Internet market. Want to do talent network, but the local information has long been the market to eat. Just a few friends want to buy a house, I find some information on the Internet to find, on the day I find one afternoon there is no local real estate more detailed information. After the event, which allows me to do a real estate portal germination site, in recent years, the rapid development of the real estate market. Although it is a municipality directly under the central government, but in recent years, the economic development and the central government attaches great importance to the economy here has been rapid development, the real estate market is also extremely hot. With the popularity of the Internet, buy a house or a major event, people who buy a house to young, successful people, who have the majority of spending power. This is precisely the faithful Internet FANS. So take a bet

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