Several music companies claim 20 million 500 thousand thunder for free download

plaintiff company refers to the thunder for the infringement of the online dissemination of audio products to provide channels and convenience, each infringement song claims 250 thousand yuan

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network era, the Internet has become a lot of people download music habits, but it seems that the behavior of the simple, behind the many stakeholders involved in the game.

In many

download, upload tool, thunder as influential download channel, bear the brunt of the music producers of the "siege", the defendant on the court, the plaintiff was Hong Kong music industry big 7, claims amounted to 20 million 500 thousand yuan, each of the first songs involved claims 250 thousand yuan.

what the thunder need for users to free music for


newspaper Shenzhen (reporter Wang Na) this or will affect the network music consumption patterns of litigation. 7 Hong Kong and record companies including SONY, Warner, xinyibao, global, Shenzhen city Xunlei Network Technology Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "thunder") to court, claims 20 million 500 thousand yuan, the reason is "knows or should know without permission to upload infringing recording products, search, links, list and download service".

the day before yesterday, the case in Shenzhen intermediate people’s court in the second trial, the thunder said only provides a search function, after the user downloads the music file involving infringement from the third party server, and thunder company independent. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

claims each infringement song 250 thousand yuan

7 Hong Kong Music Company

sued include: Sony Music Entertainment thunderbolt Hong Kong Limited (Hongkong), Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd (Taipei), Warner Music Limited (Hongkong), Warner Music Taiwan Ltd (Taipei), Universal Music Ltd (Hongkong), Universal Music (Taipei) Limited by Share Ltd, Cinepoly Records Company Limited (Hongkong).

Taiwan SONY and other 7 companies claimed: thunder company on its website and related websites, a large number of deep links in a variety of ways to provide the copyrighted sound recordings, and listen to and download service, provide the recordings of infringing copies to network users.

in addition, the company is still "thunder thunder music" and provide guide network users using the "thunder 5" and "thunder" and "listen to the thunder download software plug-in, using" Thunderbolt download software set up and to manage a set of "thunder music service" in several ways to provide users with more convenient, efficient music streaming and downloading service.


through its music website and music service system provides deep links such as Rainie Yang "ideal lover" recordings were not involved, after 7 the plaintiff authorized infringement recordings belonging to the network of illegal dissemination.

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