The challenges posed by the rise of popular financing websites

in December last year, a iPhone for the production of aluminum charging base project on the Internet caused a boom in the announcement. The founder of the project raised nearly $1 million 500 thousand through Kickstarter, a public finance website, and has promised to send out the fashionable and beautiful Elevation charging seats they produced to people who supported the project in April.

but the Apple Corp (Apple) last week announced a new iPhone design, new mobile phone is not compatible with the charging seat, and because of manufacturing delays, some of the original sponsors of the project are still waiting for their products. Project designers are struggling to design the adapter, and update product.

"I’m just hoping to get from me before iPhone 6 was sent out," the patron wrote on Kickstarter.

like Kickstarter and IndieGogo website public financing to designers and other creative talents and those who want to finance their implementation to link them, these websites are becoming more popular. On Kickstarter (one of the largest of these sites), nearly 3 million of people helped a total of 30 thousand projects to achieve the financing objectives, to raise a total of $300 million of the promised funds.

but for the founders of these projects, getting funding is sometimes easier. Then they need to turn their dreams into reality, and in the process there are many people who are paying attention to their progress.

This new

model has many potential pitfalls, it is often difficult to foresee the project founder, is also very difficult to be understood by those who sat in the house of the kindly sponsors. The sponsor is the essence of their trust in the project creators, by providing cash for them in exchange for the promise of future returns.

for those who provide a few dollars for film projects, their names may appear in thanks to the column, and for those who contribute US $100 to the smart watch project people, they may be promised a finished product.

many times, the project will be successful. However, some projects, including a number of important projects, but suffered a lot of mistakes and long-term delays. A new mobile dining car project may pass or permit, such as Elevation charging devices may be harder than expected to manufacture and delivery.

this weekend, in the first XOXO Festival conference, the rise of public financing has become a hot topic. The focus of the conference is a new model of creativity and channels on the internet. The conference · co-founder Andy (Andy Baio); Adebayor was one of the early employees of Kickstarter, he sold the conference ticket price of $400 on the Kickstarter, in order to measure.

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