Shanghai Station Third Party staff collective appearance

third party webmaster staff photo – nine king, was ten, sina IT channel in Shuling do not know where to play. They are:

isong  Yi network – third stage host

the above listed duties are only part of the scene. During the third phase of organization and planning, the above personnel have already begun to pay. They are not only physical labor, but also wisdom, energy, etc.. They are selfless, do not return.

to the above staff hard to pay, thanks. They are a group of lovely people.

Wang Enwen webmaster words, can represent the voice of all staff: I hope we can do things to get their recognition.

our webmaster is self-organized, self operation, self service, is to provide services to the owners of the group or platform. Our nine diamond, although there is a lack of Party organization and operation experience, but I believe we are recognized by this effort, if people want, we can see this effort, and the attitude and responsibility to provide good service for you. We still need applause to encourage, need a lot of support, because this is all of our own things, at present only by the nine staff in the implementation of all things.

we are doing, we are in the implementation, we are moving forward, there may be a deviation but also normal, but at any time in the implementation of corrective direction. Partners, we continue to work hard!

I still use the first stage of the end of the meeting, and a webmaster dialogue, the effect is: the success of the party, there is a great

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