Popular software can not carry on to raise millions of readers transition

is currently under the pressure of the Internet, traditional print publications have gradually declined. After the beginning of the storm ceased publication, the well-known computer game software magazine "popular software" official finally admit the magazine next to – mobile.


" popular software official micro-blog late yesterday announced that the magazine will follow the trend of open mobile terminal business, and for this purpose in the China Monternet open activities to raise public, hoping to get 1 million of the project funds from the hands of his own supporters for transformation.

according to the plan, the public software public activities will be closed in 57 days (June 20th), the entire fund-raising amount is divided into 6 tranches, ranging from the lowest $10 to the highest $500 thousand. If the fund-raising project eventually failed, all the advance payments back to the supporters account. Before the fund reaches 100%, you can refund at any time, after raising funds of up to 100%, will not be able to initiate a refund.

on the current point of view, the public software want to achieve their own goals still have a long way to go, there are 335 supporters invested about $52000, the completion of the degree of 5%.