United States today off the infected DNS server part of the nternet users will be disconnected

Beijing time on July 9th morning news, due to the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (hereinafter referred to as FBI) will be closed today behind the DNSChanger Trojan Botnet, so the infected computer will be forced to break the network.

as of last Wednesday, there are about 250 thousand computers infected with DNSChanger Trojan, about 45 thousand and 600 u.s.. The Trojan will change the user’s DNS settings, through a botnet to route traffic.

due to FBI and other law enforcement agencies have controlled the botnet behind the DNSChanger, so temporarily use it as a temporary DNS server network to ensure that infected users can continue to access the internet. But the network will be closed on Monday, meaning that infected users will be disconnected.

users can log on to the dns-ok.us site to monitor their computer is infected. If you determine the infection, you can download the Microsoft, McAfee and Norton special tools to solve the problem. (Yu


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