MT wireless internet access to over 400 million users real name registration

[introduction] previously, fixed line has achieved a real name registration system, and the wireless network card to implement real name registration for the first time.

In addition to the

mobile phone, landline, wireless Internet users are expected to be included in the scope of real name registration. In April 10th, the Ministry announced the "provisions for the registration of the true identity of the phone user information" (Draft) and the "telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection regulations (Draft)", for the public comments, intends to regulate the user’s identity information telephone.

this is the Ministry of industry in 2010 after pushing the phone real name system, the first time in the form of legislation will be included in the phone user name system.

card for the first time on the real name

according to the reporter, previously, although there is no law, but in the actual Telecom, fixed has realized the real name registration. The wireless network card to implement real name registration is the first time.

ministry in the "true identity of the phone user information registration regulations (Draft)" said: telecom operators for users to apply for fixed telephone and mobile phone (including wireless LAN) network procedures, signed in with the user agreement or confirmation of the provision of services, to provide real identity information truthfully registered users the.

if the user refuses to produce valid documents, refused to provide the documents recorded on impersonation identity information, documents, or use of forged or altered documents, draft regulations, telecommunication business operators shall handle the formalities for its network.

telecommunications and Internet service providers shall be kept strictly confidential to the user identity information, and shall not disclose, altered or damaged, shall not be sold or illegally to others, shall not be used to provide services to the outside, will more than 10 thousand yuan at 30 thousand yuan fine or to pursue criminal liability.

super 400 million users need to go through the registration of

also said that the above provisions, had no real name users also need to gradually carry out the registration.

MIIT data show that as of the end of last year, China’s mobile phone users reached 1 billion 112 million. The three operators in January this year, has revealed that about 60% of the country has been included in the real name management. Accordingly, there will be more than 440 million of users go through the real name registration.

in particular the provisions of the draft, if the real identity information providing telecommunication business operator fails to register, inspection and protection of telephone users for network access procedures, the Telecommunications Authority shall order correction within a prescribed time limit, a fine of 10 thousand can be more than 30 thousand yuan.

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