2008 Google Summit

October 23, 2008 (Thursday) Beijing InterContinental Beijing Beichen Hotel

this is the annual event for Google content publishers by networking, build a multi-party communication platform in order to explore the Internet, technology and business development, share ideas and case, provide feedback recommendations for future improvement, create good ecological collaborative development system.

guests at the summit include:

provides a forward-looking perspective for global and Chinese Internet industry analyst

develops a popular network application and creates a global innovation leader in sustainable business models

interpretation of online advertising platform and business model of senior product and technical experts

successfully uses AdSense to achieve business goals publisher and advertiser

conference agenda

date: October 23, 2008

time speaker 09:30-09:45 morning speech at the opening ceremony of Dr. Li Kaifu (Dr. Kaifu Lee), Google (Google) global vice president and President of Greater China 09:45-10:05 keynote speech: the global trend of online advertising and the impact on the China Yu Liang Jian (Hans Yu), Beijing Huarui Network Information Technology Ltd CR-Nielsen CEO 10:05-10:25 keynote speech: Google advertising platform and future development of Bram Bout Google (Google), Asia Pacific and Latin America in online sales and operations director 10:25-10:45 Wang Jin released new products (Jing Wang), Google (Google) vice president Engineering Research Institute China 10:45-11:05 keynote: AdSense in Chinese (Roy Zhou), Zhou Wenbiao Google (Google) and Asia Pacific online sales the operation Department Director 11:05-11:25 Google AdSense   11:30-13:30 annual awards ceremony; Flow and lunch time at 13:30-14:10   guest speakers: global innovation leading commercial future Nellie Chan, sales director for
Christopher Knight digital Jones, founder of EzineArticle.com 14:10-15:00 panel discussion: win online brand promotion Wang Ying (Ann Wang), Google (Google) Chinese large area online sales and Operations Manager

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