Will there be half of the WeChat male to be a zombie Some public numbers never live

Abstract: the subjective WeChat Hunzhao objectively, the demographic dividend disappeared due to difficult for WeChat to be replaced, get rid of flow distribution mechanism of WeChat, I can’t agree with this: half the public number into zombies.

has a new media first stop, said the new list in Guangzhou engaged in an event, the event claimed that they predicted that half of WeChat’s future will become a zombie".

this is debatable. Can not say completely wrong, but there are some problems with certainty.

I first opened but never update public number removed out — in my opinion, these public number never "live", in the rest of these have made a sound public number, will really become a zombie half,

in the future?

may not be.

this has a lot to do with WeChat’s mechanism.


are said to have a very strong WeChat blog shadow: graphics push, review mechanism, subscription mechanism (called RSS blog subscription), etc..

but in my opinion, WeChat is the most like, is called a "MSN Space" guy. – a lot of 95 years later, you may not have heard of this completely dead thing, even, even MSN is what may not know.

chat tool MSN panel, each friend, whenever TA Space is updated, there will be a yellow spot, to remind you: TA has been updated with a new log.

in my memory, a lot of people update the TA Space may not be very frequent, but not completely updated, really not much – unless TA never used Space.

today, Qzone also has this feature.

MSN Space and Qzone, their traffic comes from the social chain, rather than the platform allocation.

this is very different from the BSP and Sina blogs.


traffic assignment.

this is a very typical Internet platform business model.

search engine Google, Baidu are traffic distribution model, Ali’s Taobao is also a large proportion of Tmall.

With the help of

traffic to different objects, it is a complete income — advertising, whether it is CPC or CPS.

The consequences of

traffic distribution, it is likely to cause strong strong Matthew effect – because the location of the home page is always limited. If the platform does not have to be a certain adjustment, hot become a big hot, big hot become super popular, but the other end, the entire platform of the long tail disappear. Search engines rely on user-defined keywords to complete assignments >

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