Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, the other group purchase websites are busy Also consider listing

after thousands of war, winner, burn wars and so on stage, the site is facing the group purchase industry’s survival of the fittest, and was once given to the first echelon of the U.S. mission network, public comment is not listed, Wo Wo Group is unknown to the public on the NASDAQ market.    

"NASDAQ" has almost become the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs, but there is still a firm not listed, it is sufficient to prove that the "market" is a double-edged sword, then what happens after the listing of Wo Wo Group? Wo Wo Group listed on the occasion, what is in the other group purchase website



listed in

and free litters

group purchase website as of 2014, the market share accounted for by the former are the U.S. mission network, public comment, Baidu Nuomi, Wowo, handle and other hand there are a significant downward trend.

performance is not significant after the listing of Wo Wo Group, the largest of capital can be. Money talks, bullshit walks., Wo Wo Group’s reputation can be successful, can make snap action. On the other hand, Changxin is not arbitrary, pay more attention to capital gains, even hurt the user experience sometimes it moves.

so simple view, Wo Wo Group listed as any listed company, began to face two problems: how to use the money? How to reconcile with the capital side of


is Wo Wo Group "Tmall life service industry", that is for businesses to provide Tmall platform independent businesses to enter the business, in addition, also for businesses making APP litters, since several industry group purchase after World War II, Wo Wo Group said that the successful transition of the day before, the main products are: Wowo mall the mobile client, and electronic commerce, the profit model mainly from the merchants settled fees and commissions charged to use coupons Wowo merchants, and the group purchase business has dropped to about 10%.

The poor performance of

, the transformation of instability, the change is not listed on the nest is a good thing, options, development, and capital between harmonic problems will ensue. But anyway, the money is better than no money, there are always unknown to the public than the change in total strong, Wo Wo Group finally will be in the history of another small group purchase website tide.

Wo Wo Group

listed on the occasion of the other group purchase websites are doing what


U.S. mission network

voice of the United States listed on the group, has been transferred from 2011 to 2014, the final conclusion is nothing more than: the United States will certainly be listed, but now is not the time.

to the NASDAQ bell is every entrepreneur’s dream, but after the bell is alive but is still a difficult problem, have listed the success and failure of so many stories, entrepreneurs also gradually understand a truth: not the end, but the beginning of the listing, the prince and the princess would like each the fairy tale to a successful marriage be ending, but in reality this is the life of the open.

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