Q+ push the development of HTML5 technology to achieve win-win cooperation with developers

May 12th, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg in the IPO (IPO) roadshow Silicon Valley station disclosed to investors, the primary task of this year’s Facebook will be improved its mobile application platform, HTML5 technology is the upcoming Facebook as a key factor to the application platform leader.

domestic industry generally believe that with cross platform characteristics of HTML5 will be a technical revolution in the development of standards. On this point, the Tencent Q+ open platform pilot, provides lots of technical support to accelerate the development of HTML5 in the country, the realization of HTML5 application will be compatible with smooth Q+ future development is an important step in the strategy.

pilot, actively promote the development of HTML5 technology in China

" HTML5 is the next generation of Web language, but also the next generation of rich Internet application technology standard, it provides a new framework and platform for Web, unified desktop and mobile platforms Web browsing experience, can help developers achieve true cross platform development ". Tencent which line leader Yin Yu said, Q+ Tencent attaches great importance to the development of HTML5 technology standard, to support the technical standard from last year, through a lot of R & D team, has been implemented for the application based on HTML5 technology provides the perfect platform for support.

It is reported that

, the Q+ platform has been on-line for a variety of HTML5 applications, including four games developed by Leiyou technology in the HTML5 technology research and game development, and widely praised by users.

not only that, in order to more effectively promote the development of China’s HTML5 technology, Tencent joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and actively participate in the international standards of HTML5 to discuss and develop. At the same time, also from the Tencent Q+ application development, application form, application of user experience three aspects provides advanced HTML5 technical support, so that developers can lower cost, time and energy to spend less for users show better application experience.

application development: compatible with Webkit+IE dual core browser developers in perfect access applications, according to the characteristics of free browser application specified kernel itself, in optimizing the product experience at the same time, also provide convenience for developers.

applications in the form of: support for multi class form controls and advanced game and animation elements, so that the application runs faster and smoother, greatly improving the rendering efficiency of the game.

application user experience: support for video and audio and other multimedia tags, no plug-ins can watch the video, without installing plug-ins can easily enjoy the perfect audio-visual experience.

Tencent Q+ cooperation with developers win

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