Virtual reality debut killer applications will become the last jigsaw puzzle

NetEase technology news September 22nd, according to foreign media reports, Oculus’s new Rift virtual reality helmet upcoming. The company since March this year, Facebook was $2 billion acquisition, to expand the size of the development team, which also makes the rapid progress of development.

the latest virtual reality helmet prototype named Crescent Bay (Crescent Bay), the helmet prototype held in Losangeles this Saturday’s Oculus developer conference to reveal to the public. The company’s chief executive officer Brendan Iribe said the helmet improved display, motion tracking and audio features. At present, the development and production of headphones has come to an end, can be listed immediately.


Oculus did not give a definite release period, but the Rift virtual reality helmet is expected in 2015 on sale. Over the past two years, the company has sold 130 thousand Rift helmets to developers. At the same time in early September this year, Samsung launched the Gear VR virtual reality helmet with the help of Oculus. The product allows users to experience the reality of virtual reality film.

at present, Oculus company to solve some basic problems of virtual technology full of confidence. Now the company’s main goal is to promote its developers to develop a killer application to significantly boost the sales of headphones. Oculus wants to apply virtual reality technology to other areas beyond the game, such as television, video, networking, and conference calls.

"Our mission is to change the way we interact with games, entertainment, and communication,"

CEO Iribe told 800 developers at a company meeting". The acquisition of Facebook gave Oculus more money and resources to achieve this grand blueprint.

Oculus founder Palmer Le Chi (Palmer Luckey) said that after the acquisition of the biggest change in the six months after the recruitment of a large number of talent, which is unthinkable in the past". This includes 100 new employees from Carbon Design, which was responsible for the development of Microsoft’s Xbox game console and Kinect somatosensory camera.

Palmet Luckey said, the virtual reality requires a lot of stable resources, or will not be able to complete. Facebook has promised to give us everything we need." But Luckey declined to say how much Facebook had spent. But Oculus, a new member of Michael Abrash, said it could take more than $1 billion to tap the full potential of virtual reality technology.

everything is money. While Oculus’s people, capital and technology resources are sufficient to allow PC based Rift virtual reality header >

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