Unicom non real name users from September 6th to limit the payment the indirect shutdown

Unicom non real name users since September 6th has been limited payment: the indirect shutdown

[TechWeb] September 2nd News reported yesterday, mobile phone real name registration system is the first day of practice, the operator told the media that the so-called real name registration will not appear not to force shutdown.

at present, while China Unicom did not take the first day of the implementation of the registration of non real name users forced outage in the mobile phone real name, but Unicom said, for non real name users, in addition to the previously implemented restrictions apply for discount packages and other measures, they will begin to limit the payment plan from September 6th.

therefore, this means that the original name of the user’s phone bill is not used, the phone will no longer be able to call and send text messages, can not recharge, equivalent to stop.

In addition, China Mobile to the media, said, because the relevant departments have not received the relevant requirements of the headquarters, so we do not have the real name of the user forced shutdown

. Today, the user has been shut down SMS function.

three large commercial households, to remind the real name registration needs to be carried out in batches. While the user is forced outage may be the last stop in the way, before there are SMS reminders, limited communication means. (rain)

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