Do product managers need to learn technology here have the best answer

I have always believed that learning new knowledge is to have a purpose, it must be used to make us better, or it can be invisible in affecting our life, in other words is to not bring material benefits, or bring the spirit income. For technical learning is also the case, decided not to learn is not everyone else is learning, but learning technology to you have no use.


first, the product manager to learn technology?

any Internet product will experience a process from requirements definition to program design to code implementation to debug error correction.

from the point of view of the role of the product division of labor, product manager is responsible for the definition of demand and the design of the program, the technical staff responsible for coding, debugging error correction is generally responsible for testing personnel and operators. The product manager should learn technology this problem appears in the product manager to determine whether the logic process relates to the technical requirements and project design, and then determine the design requirements and project by the technology of encoding implementation of this communication process, understand the technology can improve the efficiency of our communication.

1, to determine whether the requirements and the process of the program involves technical logic?

technical logic here is not to say that the need to achieve what kind of language, more refers to the technical logic of the product presentation layer.

such as user needs feedback to add a search function, the product manager at this time to do the work is not only a simple prototype and design, excellent product managers tend to think:

where do I need to get the data from the


which data should be used as the target hit text?

how to deal with these text weights?


need to add a bit of non text data as a sort order?

how about these non text data?

what is the timeliness of this search


require incremental messaging?

if the incremental message mechanism is used to extend the development cycle of the data source and search engine,


clear these problems, the last thing to do is a requirements document, design and prototype, this situation requires the product technology, in order to understand the logic of technology and related demands, avoid unreasonable demand.

requirements document, prototype and design is the expression of the product manager needs the media product manager, it is more important to design the product logic running correctly in the right way, and then the design is realized by the technical staff, rather than simply told me to achieve a technical requirement, operation logic behind the seemingly a surface layer of the product demand involving multi levels.

2, understand the technology can improve our work efficiency?


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