Novice how to do from the media

is now popular on the network from the media, such as WeChat from the media, micro-blog from the media, QQ space from the media, since the media blog, there are thousands, tens of thousands of people doing. Since the media is good, and this is not to introduce you to teach the novice how to do from the media.


today, I have done seven months a year from the media blog, to find their own profit model, set up a blog from the media VIP member, four months to reach 179 people, feeling okay. So, since the media is good, I am seven months of this year is to know. Below I will give the novice to say how to do:

1, positioning

what is the location you want to choose your best areas, for example, to understand the site, you’d better locate the site, understand SEO, you’d better position as SEO, if you understand the micro business, you will be positioned as a micro business. If you can’t do anything, you can keep a journal and write about your experiences.

2, platform

from the media platform, there are many, such as QQ space, WeChat, micro-blog, third party platform like a hundred, today’s headlines, Sohu from the media, etc.. As for which good, which is not good, we choose their favorite, the most commonly used. Moreover, these platforms have advantages and disadvantages to consider.

3, operating

from the media platform to update the contents of the first day, for example, my blog is almost a day Shao Shao an original article, there are several articles. If it is to do QQ space from the media, but also every day to release some talk, etc., these are to brush the sense of presence. In short, you have to have the content output, or your fans to your platform to see what


4, promotion

from the media, light writing promotion is not enough, even if you have more dry cargo, no one can see. As for the promotion, it is best to go to a number of related platforms to promote. For example, the station can go to the webmaster platform to promote, SEO can go to the SEO platform to promote, micro business can be extended to micro business platform.

5, earnings

profit from the media has been one of the most headaches from the media, hard to write every day, but there is no so-called original penny. So, we have to do before the media must think about what you profit from the media. You can sell, can do advertising, advertising can be connected, can write software that can receive VIP membership, can do the training.

what is the purpose of the media, in order to be famous, or in order to make money from the media, the most important point is that the self is to own as the center to show themselves to the user. So, your every word and action will affect your image in the eyes of the user. Not bragging, no flicker, do their job, know why I should do. To do a good job, from the media can do!


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