Taobao breast contest the highest realm of network promotion

Http://    Taobao breast contest, launched for the Taobao community in summer, has brought a new climax. Many posts have been clicked, the highest or even a post to hundreds of thousands of hits.

  breast contest, Taobao grasp of user psychology, is a chance to show beauty, a lot of beauty, this is a great opportunity. Personal image display.

two, more businesses delighted, taobao  5% are women earn money goods, but this is a rare opportunity, whether it is really beautiful, or to collect breast photos, this time do not show, missed too much.

three spectators, the network world, pornography is too vulgar, not on the desktop, can full calendar of many beautiful bosom, no desire to buy or slobber, or, this is also a good chance.

the idea, bring vitality to the Taobao boring trading power, and flow, and this is just a simple plan.

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