Five issues to be sorted out

blog do stand group from the SEO is the webmaster know at the beginning of a lot of webmaster began to use, has always been the webmaster support a necessary means, and the effect is also obvious. In recent months, the introduction of several algorithms Baidu is a greater degree of reduction of the webmaster access to the chain of the channel, so the blog station group has become particularly important. Although the blog is indeed a very time-consuming thing, and the need for long-term adherence to the webmaster, but if you do not have a certain amount of patience, I believe it is difficult to do seo. Here we will discuss the need to clarify the five issues of the blog, so that the owners can have a clear direction, not to pay a sweat but no return.

a blog to choose a single or a variety of

believes that the general webmaster have seen Zac "SEO real code", the domain name that diversification of the chain you should be very clear, so this problem cutting edge solutions, even the best blog, the chain you give is less than several dozens of different domain name domain name the same chain, of course the quality of the chain is not too bad, moreover, the chain is too single may also cause Baidu as cheating, that would "lose the wife of another soldier.". So, more like Sina, Baidu, and so the weights of the blog you have, in addition to these, the other weight is not very high but two level domain name can not be less, for example, blog, and the blog, you can also find a large area site of the personal blog, so the probability of repeat the same domain name content but smaller, sometimes tend to have better ranking.

problem two, the location of the blog is how

a blog, generally have a theme. Sina’s name Bo, basically have their own theme, such as the theme of literature is like literature, backpackers theme is the journey scenery, SEO personnel is the theme of search engine optimization. So, no blog search engine is not to be optimistic, since there is no theme, the search engine can not give you the qualitative nature can not be the rank you, therefore, a clear theme of the blog can go further, or like the QQ space, always only a few friends interested in it.

question three, independent of the blog is good or good connection

choose one or two as the main blog equivalent to its own website to raise, the other is the main link to the blog blog as well as on your own website, blog also to the Internet, it is best not what the law, but also add anchor text links in the page. This will not only increase the weight of the blog itself, but also not as cheating.

problem four, so many articles how to get content, how to arrange

The number of

so many blog article is also great, many owners have been anxious not to so many articles pseudo original words could not finish, then you are wrong. This problem is actually very simple, important blog every day to update one or two original articles, the late >

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