Let WeChat marketing return to rational, need to pay attention to three issues

micro channel from 2011 to now has been 3 years, various functions are constantly improving, WeChat marketing from the beginning of the hot, now gradually return to rational, but still there are many enterprises or individuals that the blind pursuit of high profit WeChat marketing.

actually want to know WeChat marketing in most of the time of return is very low, WeChat itself is a kind of one to one or the way of communication, so the precision becomes its advantage. But if the business object using WeChat for dissemination of information transmission is not shake in the circle of influential people, so users will share information to the circle of friends the influence force is relatively limited, and many users tend to take on households receive benefits and then cancel the attention, so that merchants return marked a big question mark.

The ultimate goal of

marketing is to meet the needs of consumers, the use of WeChat to engage in marketing activities must abide by this law. If the use of WeChat’s public service platform to release information and user needs information wells do not match, then use WeChat to carry out marketing activities is difficult to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, the public platform itself is a one-way communication, while WeChat is the core of customer relationship management, customer relationship management is the key to communicating with customers to understand customer needs and manage customer demand.

The essence of

is WeChat point to point private relations, if the public service platform for users suspected reply delay too long, will cause the user to cancel the attention, so the enterprise wants to obtain higher returns from this, it must have a larger pay, pay manpower and financial resources can be even higher than the traditional customer management service fee. So the enterprise to really make good use of WeChat marketing and make it their own marketing tool should do the following:

1, do not over commercialization of

do WeChat marketing remember not to over commercialization, must from the customer’s point of view, to the user to push some of the things they need. Also, but also a good grasp of rhythm, push information can not be too frequent, but should appear in the the time, not the the time stay with. In fact, the vast majority of the public accounts for the dry, a month to send a message is basically enough. What do you usually do it should use it to manage the relationship between customers, increase the degree of dip, because WeChat is the core of its original customer management.

2, to promote systematic

enterprise to offline synchronization when doing public promotion, such as the enterprise’s official website’s store, product packaging, the official blog micro-blog can be attached to the recommendation of potential customers, loyal customers gathered to the management and maintenance of WeChat. In fact, WeChat enterprises to use it as a customer service tool. It has a significant role in the transformation of sales two, viscosity, reputation, etc.. Through the other way to push the customer to WeChat, the use of the basic functions of WeChat deep relationship

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