Listen to the story of the 9 pit father, you will insist on entrepreneurship

Pedro, director of the China Europe International Business School and professor of entrepreneurship at the venture capital fund

, · (Pedro· Nueno)

this is the 9 in the form of e-mail advice, it tells the young entrepreneurs, "if you want to start the 9 pit you must be crossed."

pit No.1 do you really want to start a business?

Francesco, a graduate student in information technology, wrote a letter to his mentor:

I really want to go to business, but I do not want my work in the bank; there is a great risk of entrepreneurship, I am afraid that in the end, like other entrepreneurs, Professor, what should I do?

so he received the following response,

"I think you are in the forefront of the bank to do the work, you not only learn, application of advanced technology, you can create value; your work can let you develop entrepreneurial skills, at the same time, you do not have one can satisfy a demand on the market, but not at work the conflict of the business idea. My advice is that you continue to focus on the market, slowly looking for entrepreneurial opportunities."

pit No.2 are you sure you can see the future?

is a designer of this to his father, Ralph wrote:

"since after graduation, I work in the design company two years are very smooth, but since I came out alone, I even have a customer not to. I believe that my design would benefit some people, but I have been refused, until now not a penny money. I know that you have been supporting me all the time. Thank you very much for your 6000 dollars. I really need the money, I want to hold on for a few months, if not, I will go to work, or go home."

pit No.3 start-up funding come from?


business plan is the most formal model in the field of Entrepreneurship (yes, there really is Entrepreneurship). Through the business model, potential investors can know how their money will be used, or how to make money.

generally, 400 thousand euros of start-up capital enough to set up a company. Entrepreneurial ideas sometimes look very good, but such as hockey stick phenomenon (in a fixed period, the sales volume is very low, post sales there will be sudden growth) will induce entrepreneurs to set up a business plan and put it into practice.

sometimes, investors will invest in batches. How to spend 90 thousand euros in the first year of a business, it does not necessarily need to start the company to spend all of the time of the 400 thousand. The most hated thing for investors is to watch their money burn. Therefore, the risk of a partial investment is that if the first year is not ideal (for example, with 120 thousand euros, rather than the expected euro of 90 thousand), investors may begin to panic, and the

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