Groupon push personalized service innovation is the way to buy

is also a group buy, the gap is so big, a simple function to see Groupon with a domestic grab a lot of buy site gap: Groupon will be innovative, domestic buy network will only imitate. According to foreign media reports, the U.S. buy site Groupon on Wednesday released a new personalized features, according to the user’s gender, purchase history and interest to send different buy information.

actually think about it, this feature is only in the original basis to do a little optimization, and then simply. That is, user segmentation, selection of information technology to help users, so that users can get what they want. Before the personalized function is not introduced, by region is actually the principle prototype of the group purchase, but the function of the personalized service detailed differentiated to the individual, the service area than the original more targeted. Change is small, but it may bring greater benefits to Groupon.

first, the conversion rate of effective flow is greater. Groupon does not lack the user, how to maximize the flow of income into the most important. Each user is not the same, and its purchase behavior is often affected by age, gender, hobbies and other factors. For example, the same is the spa discount buy goods, women with men, young women with middle-aged women, women with high income and income of women in general, both will have different purchase intentions. Personalized services to the refinement of the individual, to buy information to the most potential consumer groups, which greatly improve the probability of the formation of the user to buy behavior.

second, you can release more buy information. One day the pursuit of a purchase is simple, but the number is limited to the release, the proceeds will be affected. Personalized features can not only maintain the original simple model, but also can introduce more buy information. In addition, with the help of this feature, Groupon coverage is also more extensive, according to the user’s postal code to determine the specific area where they live, so as to organize the corresponding group buying activities.

third, the most valuable users for businesses. General buy, the user may only covet a temporary discount, there is no follow-up consumption. While looking for a personalized function for a certain class of goods or services are long-term needs and willingness to buy individual users, this part of the user is more likely to become long-term businesses, for businesses, so the user is of value. Help businesses, to attract more businesses is not a problem.

media said, buy site Groupon launched personalized service against cloning". In fact, the spirit of the spirit of the other buy site is still in the same function can also be cloned. Of course, the spirit of the ability is not necessarily keep up.

technically speaking, the difficulty of the implementation of this technology is much, perhaps other buy site technology has not been able to achieve, this is unknown. And more importantly, Groupon>

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