10 strokes teach you to do B2B website product manager

Internet is a winning products industry, product manager determines a product’s success or failure, for entrepreneurial companies, product manager even determines a company’s success, so many times we see the entrepreneurial company or small company boss is the best product manager. The website B2B industry from 2000 to today, there have been more than and 10 years, had not asked people to imitate a Alibaba to do a website can do it need time, from product planning, construction, operation and promotion to sales, constantly polishing products, and continue to operate in order to achieve success. Different Internet Co, product manager duties may be different, but the same as the B2B industry website, product manager has a lot in common. People often asked me: Li Xuejiang, I am a programmer, or I am a salesman, I want to do B2B industry site planning, product manager, can? In order to make everyone understand B2B system industry website the product manager’s requirements, and how to be a good product manager, the author for many years engaged in B2B industry website product manager experience to do some discussion, we only as a reference, because of my limited experience, speak wrong, hope you forgive me, welcome to discuss with me.

1 in-depth understanding of Internet users, new models, new technologies are highly sensitive

as B2B industry website product manager, you must understand the Internet, in-depth understanding of the needs of users of all ages, to understand the needs of users engaged in a variety of industries. Understand all kinds of mature and immature Internet technology, understand all kinds of mature and immature pattern, and the well-known Internet Co’s latest marketing strategy, the new product, to pay much attention to the new website launched. Especially the application of new technologies, applications such as blogs, video, micro-blog, mobile network in various types of Web sites, and a variety of small technology increases the user experience, to use a verification code, upload pictures of the latest technology and so on, the new model of the new technology, to always keep a curious heart and reverence.

as a product manager at B2B industry website, should focus on the latest Internet news every day, the latest understanding of a variety of Internet companies. Baidu Internet news, iResearch, Donews and Admin5 sites of various Internet news must always concern, especially to input the number associated with the B2B industry website keyword search news, pay attention to the latest trends, learn from the successful experience. The older the Internet users, the more in-depth understanding of the Internet, the probability of success will be greater product planning. To often use a variety of domestic and foreign websites, industry, comprehensive use, rather than just browsing, easy to think that this site is not how, do not need to look at. In order to study its function, profit model, a variety of good ideas, its essence, to its dregs, for their own use.

2 for industrial products, consumer goods and other traditional industries to understand, continue to learn


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