The first 6.18 listed Jingdong, logistics and warehousing team how to fight


June 17th zero has passed, is located in Beijing South six ring Majuqiao area of Beijing Donghua BeiCang is still lit, packing and packing, Peihuo personnel are still busy with their jobs. The annual "wartime" promotions, they usually work more than 12 hours a day. In an area of 30 thousand square meters of warehouse 3C, such as "6.18 win", "every war sword will front" military combat slogans everywhere, even packing staff time and task allocation of these conventional terms, is vividly called "war time" and "fortress".

6.18 anniversary big promotion when compared to previous years, often appear problem warehouse explosion, overload and other orders, the first 6.18 listed Jingdong, the logistics link seemed calm a lot. From the big promotion period Jingdong warehouse operation strategies and some details, you can also get a glimpse of some of the links in logistics and warehousing operation experience, which is mainly reflected in the formal management of the grass-roots staff of military and automatic and intelligent investment in warehousing and distribution of two aspects.

, vice president and general manager of

North China region, said Wang Zhenhui, this year in terms of distribution, Jingdong in advance to do the recruitment of personnel, vehicles and reserves. Compared with 2013, the Jingdong personnel distribution growth of more than 1 times the number of vehicles operating more than 1.5 times the growth; for large appliances distribution, service, Jingdong prepared more than 4000 vehicles, and more than 5000 air-conditioning installation engineers, to ensure timely delivery of user orders, to ensure that during the big promotion of user experience is not affected.

Wang Zhenhui, June 17th to June 20th 4 days, will reach the peak of the June promotion, from 17 on the morning of the situation, the main warehouse in North China was not affected by the surge in orders, goods sorting, delivery speed and almost daily. From the data warehouse hanging in the Jingdong warehouse can be seen, in June 16th Jingdong orders in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, more than 1 million 820 thousand, is expected to start from the beginning of the total will be significantly improved in June 17th.


frontline staff militarization management

in the management of staff and team culture, Jingdong’s logistics and warehouse team to make full use of military operations management experience. For example, semi closed collective accommodation, strict implementation of work and rest, as well as group competition and competition. On the one hand can enhance employee professionalism, on the other hand, to establish an effective incentive measures, make long-term commitment to picking, packing, these employees play a single boring work is full of power and passion.

can be found, whether in the North China warehouse staff, or dispersed in the Jingdong Beijing delivery staff of each site, most of them full of spirit, the user friendly, the Jingdong public relations department senior vice president Li Xi said, in addition to income, welfare increase, loyalty and enthusiasm of the employees but also to >

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