Where is the goods Multiple options for new sellers


knows business depth, heroes have plunge. This great charm in the end where it comes from? Chinese according to the electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that as of December 31, 2012, China online retail market turnover reached 13205 yuan, an increase of 64.7%, Chinese online retail market reached 6.3% retail sales of social consumer goods market, and online shopping users reached 247 million, growth of 21.7% an…… The above data have been shown to belong to e-commerce arrows have been showing a rising trend. The most intuitive, it is still so that all electricity providers who relish the 2012 "double eleven", the next day the cat gives 19 billion 100 million figures, all involved or not involved in "double eleven" people as the acme of perfection. This amazing behind also let a lot of people see the future of e-commerce market prospects. The traditional well-known enterprises, small to nine to five office workers have begun to focus here, but also ready to go, ready to enter here, for a place. The society began to appear a number of full-time or part-time shop sellers, this is also a lot of crowd of people ready to. The Jingdong, excellence, Dangdang and other scouring the platform have to get through their own restrictions, broaden channels to welcome small sellers settled, which is also looking for more people to enter the electricity supplier industry breakthrough.

market is good, there is a platform, then let prospective sellers are difficult to find sources. Long term attention to the electricity supplier market is not difficult to find, many sellers are from distributors (network sales agents, network agents, etc.) started. Because they can make use of the brand’s visibility, influence and high quality goods to enhance their reputation and reputation of the store, thus gradually based on the entire electricity supplier field. However, the ability to develop, it also depends on what kind of brand you choose a supplier (commonly known as suppliers or shippers).

select suppliers, nothing more than three questions, one source, the profit space is two, the other is to give publicity to support the other three. Adequate supply, inventory to be precise, the discount from the supplier to get low, profit margins are large enough, and give enough support to promote the rapid expansion of product distribution. This is the most basic requirement for selecting suppliers.

first, to enter the electricity supplier, so as to understand the doorway, which benefit from. We say "benefit" is the most direct economic benefits, that is, profits. Ensure that the basic conditions for profit is a product, a quality product and has a long-term market prospects, so as to ensure sales. Second is the management support, including the promotion support, activity support and channel support. In the promotion, a supplier can give a greater intensity of promotional activities, as well as the size of its brand influence, the value of each activity created by the number, can become the assessment criteria. At the same time to meet the first two conditions, if you can get a relatively low discount from suppliers, naturally is our best choice. We can also pass this >

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