From Shuabing brainwashed to swindling classification, micro business is small, strong will perish

introduction: the reason that the micro business is small, is to recognize that the derivative is personalized service, product experience, have certain boundaries and systems, can not do too much.

early in the year AD 2015 Spring Festival Gala before, taking the Si Bu micro horse group A new force suddenly rises. ho throw 25 million 10 thousand heavily, won the CCTV Spring Festival evening ratings giant high advertising resources of gold, and claimed to be in the next year to hit more advertising money in the CCTV channels, so as to be able to bring its dealers sense of social identity, with CCTV’s credibility and spread to the micro business name pyramid in the whirlpool. As the saying goes: "milk is the mother", but after the new year, there is poison mask problem turns bombing derivative problems, CCTV show MLM problem and so on for swindling, derivative by CCTV name buried a lingering shadow.

arguably, CCTV should take into account the derivative of the potential "money" to the appropriate inducements to grant clemency, but in fact the micro ecological business even after two third outbreak of fake products, malicious fraud and other issues has become a social cancer.

1, micro early Shang barbaric growth, incoming uneven, ecological environment need to shuffle, micro business Gang gene in malignant do the potential problems of excessive amplification give dying kicks, and became the industry stir feces stick;

2, traditional retailers to take advantage of micro business transformation, to stimulate the dream of getting rich through micro entrepreneurs of the new bureau person more and more, however, has been taking the micro dividend period, the ride will only take the hidden problems of dominance, micro business could not hide a stuffy make mask a lot of money;

3, social networking platform for WeChat by the ecological circle of friends, Shuabing, malignant marketing, public opinion has become the hardest hit, however, WeChat is in the micro business issues, ambiguous free, vague, micro shop platform and technology upgrades, and immediate problems cannot be solved effectively.

CCTV only picking up a pressing matter of the moment, the popularization of education "banner, a meeting to be hidden in the ugly business in micro ecological exposure. Unlike the traffic bureau and the taxi software between the "conflict of interest", CCTV in the background of entrepreneurship, not for the "small" people’s motives and reasons, taking their micro ecological to this, everyone shouting situation rat scampering in the street. Taxi taxi software can be forced to reform, no matter how fast the development of micro business prospects, how good, in the marketing model, profit model and many other questions are not "transparent" name of the premise, it is difficult to get rid of the public sit opposite situation. So, micro business ecosystem in the end what the problem?

marketing mode: from Shuabing to brainwash

might have a questionnaire survey, the people around nine out of ten are disgusted with the circle of friends to sell things, but this does not mean that the electricity supplier can not cut social platform, the public do not blindly reject conflict reason, in the micro business marketing model on the problem. The initial WeChat marketing is very simple:


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