Onezero customer end to end cross-border e-commerce platform debut FTA

recently, organized by the guest onezero Technology Co. Ltd. "break the cross-border trade barriers, enhance brand value and customer Chinese" onezero cross-border e-commerce platform press conference held at the Westin Xiamen Chinese, officially declared onezero off cross-border e-commerce platform birth. The government of Xiamen Haicang District and FTA related leaders, media and business cooperation was invited to attend the conference, to witness the historic moment.


landing destination country, to build a platform for localization of international trade

, onezero guest CEO generation Zhihua share founder onezero off cross-border e-commerce platform and the mentality of the future planning platform. As a former HUAWEI Hungary and Philippines area CEO, has many years of overseas experience, Dai Zhihua knows that the export of domestic products and pain points, with the support of state policies and free trade zone support founded onezero customers, share a feast of globalization escort for domestic enterprises, large customer service measures onezero four e-commerce platform and derived from four the five big platform to provide a solid guarantee for the progress of globalization onezero service customers. The destination floor guest onezero form, the formation of professional market and customer service in the local financial team, with local customers to provide more excellent and efficient service, help China goods to open up overseas markets, establish the brand Chinese manufacturing mechanism, smooth out of the country. Southeast Asia as the first stop in the process of internationalization of onezero customers, its huge consumer market potential and has opened up the local market channel relationship provides a broad market for product platform. The next step will lead the enterprise roots China onezero off southeast blue ocean market, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge of


meeting site on the four platform to do a brief introduction and demonstration function, so that the guests to further understand the mode of operation of onezero customers, fully understand customer onezero.



The leadership of

highly affirmed the development mode of

passenger onezero

is adapt to the trend of the Internet developed a new batch of business enterprise, onezero off to the unique market perspective and professional operation team, with four large cross-border business platform and five service measures will play a important role in the future development of the electricity supplier, "regional development planning line twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road", also will increase Chinese goods in the overseas market share in proportion, to accelerate the completion of industrial transformation and upgrading China manufacturing industry, has important significance for the further implementation of the 2025 China manufacturing.

to break the barriers to cross-border trade, improve brand competitiveness

Ke onezero Technology Co. Ltd., with "The Belt and Road" policy guidance to business platform for the bridge, the integration area of high quality resources, with domestic manufacturers and consumers around the world, to create a best service, the fastest, lowest cost of logistics terminal to the Internet international trade flat end >

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