How to maximize your website

how to maximize your website

your address will change, your phone number will change, your fax, mobile phone number will change, your company name will change, your employees will change.

there’s only one thing that won’t change!

with obvious to describe the current website publicity is not too much. Floating in the sky, the ground stepped on, the middle reaches of the air, everywhere filled with web site. Now even people’s hearing is not let go, do not believe? If you are in the people’s Square subway station in Shanghai, you will be able to hear the sound of the station also has a website. People’s sense of touch, smell can not feel the url. Otherwise, the URL can be dissolved in water bath with your skin, let you smell in the air, let you taste the food in.

we will be able to see the web site is broadly classified as follows, you see what is suitable for you, to maximize the publicity of your web site.

public haunt: billboards, car appearance, shop or company signs, banners, street facades, shrubs and flowers pruning patterns, roadside billboards, signs, beautify the bidding posters, rally card, scoreboard, wizard stadium subway platform floor, commercial street pavement, yacht, air balloon, the aircraft crashed into the curtain.

media: TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, movie theaters, the Internet itself.

printing: yellow pages, posters, practical brochures, tickets, leaflets, bills, vouchers, notice the post office, notes, price lists, schedules, maps, charity publication.

: business liaison, name card company letterheads, envelopes, fax, e-mail, the rise of product catalogs, leaflets, cheques, company or financial statement, letter of thanks, bid, folder, telephone answering machine.

accessories: bookmarks, mouse pad, cushion, restaurant napkin, paper cups, candy wrap, car garbage bags, beverage cup, advertisement, software banner browser favorites, Screensaver graphics, electronic greeting cards.

gift: shopping bags, T-Shirts, T-Shirts, hats, neckties, umbrellas, Keychains, notebooks, pens, handbags, small magnets, pasting stamp, paste notes, drawing board, desk calendar, calendars, crutches, window brushes and other cleaning tools, tools such as toothbrush razor.

at the right time and place, to the right people to promote your web site, so that others like English words back to remember your site.