The picture always ignored marketing events. Strength

a lot of people think that marketing is advertising, soft Wen, public numbers and so on, but it seems that no one’s eyes on the image of marketing. Yet you do not underestimate this picture, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, a small picture, perhaps will bring different results.

recently, a child maxed hairtail network news caused concern. This is the case, the teacher asked the children to bring a small fish to the school to observe, the other children with a small goldfish, and a child with a pot of carp, as follows.

photos, sitting around the children with a goldfish, but a child with a large basin with a carp.


may see others laughed, and as a marketing person, you don’t need to think about why this picture will quickly on the hot search? Some people say that it had a "funny", a bit like a piece of fish, observation of others, with a basin with a the students a big fish observation, it was easier to be spread.

it can be seen, as long as the audience to find points, a picture can bring, there may be ultra-high traffic.


image ads in the community forum called irrigation in group chat and call entertainment network in the world, the majority of Internet users in the use of QQ, UC chat software, there are users of these nodes in the QQ group, no matter what, they will be in the chat, send a few pictures out, which can increase the group therefore, the activity, we’ll use will be reproduced in print, in this way, these pictures are said to the theme of the picture marketing.

if you’re already using images in marketing, then what you need to think about now is how to make the picture work.

in Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, the number of users per share to share nearly 5000 pictures. Coupled with the rapid development of Pinterest about 40 million users and SnapChat, it is clear that the shift has taken place – people want to share the most important content with pictures instead of text.

images and other visual content has a greater sharing: compared to the content of the text, the picture content is more attractive, can improve the user’s participation rate. Facebook’s recent case is a good proof. Facebook just launched a so-called "timeline" image sharing function a month ago, with a short period of time the content of the picture has increased by 65%.

images and other visual content is easy to be searched in the Internet: with the rise of social aggregation optimization (SAO), pictures and other visual content in the social media strategy has become increasingly important. Because pictures and other visual content is not only attractive, but it can also optimize the search to promote product sales, etc..

if you feel that

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