Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, stop operation…… This was in the air industry is experiencing the most d

Abstract: since capital has arrived in the winter, so how to get through this winter has become every electricity supplier business enterprises need to focus on design issues. The pace of the development of the majority of electricity supplier companies more than the rhythm of the market, it should slow down to do business, and the corresponding reduction in subsidies, business is good, there will be someone to invest

"the wind stopped, the pig will fall down dead", this sentence has become the most real portrayal of entrepreneurial business at present.

fresh electricity supplier industry "77 delicious" failures, cross-border electricity supplier industry "Honey Amoy network" to stop the update, the online travel industry "Amoy stop operation, automotive electricity supplier industry" Bo Pai car "sanhuo and Crowdsourcing distribution industry" the most fresh to the termination of the project "on the road" and so on, with more and more long electric death list, 2016 electricity industry is Starving people fill the land.

insiders said that the average life of Internet startups less than a year, and the probability of success is only about 1%.

Starving people fill the land. electricity supplier industry

with the "price showstopper", "capital favorite pet" status, China makers have fame, once firmly occupy "Internet plus air".

however, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter recently discovered in the process of sorting data, even the once popular star business, or even over one billion business valuation of billions of dollars and domestic well-known line investors, institutional investors favored electricity providers, in 2016 also failed to get rid of the fate of death, while the number of other start-up companies, and quietly died quietly on the line is more innumerable.

from the beginning of the end of March this year, honey Amoy network was a lot of media frequently exposed have closed. Public data shows, honey Amoy formerly CN sea Amoy, launched in 2014 March, the birth of Alibaba, was responsible for the Tmall wireless products work Xie Wenbin created, honey Amoy first sea Amoy brand single product group, category and brand group limited sale mode, and its positioning in the "overseas brand sale website" to do shopping overseas in the field of Jingdong.

2014 is the honey Amoy network fame for a year, then only honey Amoy network will get three times the amount of financing and financing, showing a rising trend of accelerating, the $30 million B round of financing its last obtained at the time of the import electricity supplier in the field is becoming disclosed the largest amount of financing. But in September 2015, honey Amoy net good times don’t last long, was forced to start strategic contraction, put forward the concept of duty-free shops in Korea, South Korea focused on small and beautiful goods. In the field of entrepreneurship there is a curse, called "C round die". In fact, the data behind the curse shows that 90% of the B round of the company can not get the C round of financing has died, and honey Amoy network is one of them.

In addition,

, the world’s strategic partner in the vertical vertical fresh electricity supplier delicious 77 also announced this year to close and apply for bankruptcy liquidation, >

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