Shanghai Longfeng moderation is not overdo sth. than wisdom

, for example, a web site I had ever served, I took over a month before the revision, I see is a dynamic page, no pseudo static treatment, but after a few days of continuous observation, I found your website weight and keywords ranking are up, I gave up a "pseudo static treatment idea.

later, another Shanghai dragon ER new times the proposed site must do overall pseudo static treatment. And make me stand, finally pushed to the corner of the wall I can only ask him, indeed, from the Shanghai dragon theory, this page must do pseudo static treatment, but the site 2 months before revision, if the pseudo static treatment, the site will have a large number of search engines included URL is invalid the keywords good ranking will also send.

in fact, is not only a person’s life, even work, know how to control the people actually understand every kind of work method has its function and limitation, one of the means of any technical methods are only serve the purpose, and must work together with other methods, it can be done from time to time. According to local conditions, trade-offs, restraint. Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short。 Only in this way, we can avoid weaknesses, will play the role of this approach to the maximum, Shanghai dragon is no exception.

refers to the so-called control, even if the one thing good for people, but also should pay attention to propriety, pay attention to methods, must understand the truth, not overdo sth., restraint. Modern scientific proof, but eat food, do not drink too much, and movement have degrees, sometimes living habits, and is conducive to human health.

now with the Shanghai dragon rising, not only every website attaches great importance to Shanghai dragon, and the most basic skills for the owners, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER who is very much at home, but do not equal to, and also there is a qualitative difference between. ZAC said: "(Shanghai dragon) and to do well, there are a lot of difference".

in fact, about everything from the actual departure, according to the website of Shanghai in the light of its general trend, Longfeng, moderated it.

practice, and not according to the textbook of Shanghai dragon step down completely, is to achieve the ultimate good website of Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon often even "do" standards are not, not to mention to "do" the ultimate.


know a moderate Shanghai dragon ER, he clearly recognized, kezhouqiujian, straitjacket is always not enough, any website Shanghai dragon must be based on the specific circumstances of the site, concrete analysis of concrete problems, can be invincible. Also, some Shanghai dragon means though looks beautiful, but does not conform to the actual conditions of the website, also can not be used to.

Shanghai dragon also must pay attention to not overdo sth. (network picture)

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