On the let the interviewer can not refuse to interview Shanghai Longfeng three skills

first we need to understand its industry characteristics and found their website. This helps to grasp the needs of users, if the user does not know the demand to optimize it is harmful, the well-known website optimization ideas from user needs, if you do not understand, even if the ranking will fall off, or floating is very frequent. Some time ago, a friend told me that his site keywords ranking floating is large, I will go to help him analyze the next, he is pulling machine website, and we all know that love Shanghai algorithm update the result ranking floating is also very common, but the author in the search to pull machine found not the title he correlation you can see, row on the first page of the website are directly related and pulling machine, and his station is vulcameter, there is no correlation between curometer with tension, its natural ranking is not very good, because there is no direct relationship between industry website. So Cheng Shanshan thinks it is important to understand the needs of users, when demand increases the relevance of the site, there will be less competition if ranking floating, as long as you outside of the chain may not be very strong enough to float, but when the time there will be a lot of competition site for doing these key words on the go, the our risk is big. The author thinks that the user needs analysis properly can produce huge business value

1. love Shanghai drop-down box related search and love Shanghai, and continuous statistics 1 to 2 weeks: Here you can directly display the relevant search for a keyword, if search results and keywords is positive matching (completely contained words) words, then you can expand the scope of optimization. Here I use the word ginkgo tree are elaborated, in the search, what is we first consider the user search tree needs? If you don’t know the maximum demand search tree, how your site will be very good rankings, want to know the love of Shanghai and always leave users, most sites on the front. However, the maximum demand will not change with time? The answer is yes. So here we should also put the search related words are classified, for example, here we put 10 related searches all according to the three classification search tree data, pictures, prices of ginkgo tree ginkgo tree. Why.

Shanghai dragon The art of War: the enemy awareness

according to the relevant industry sources, now many interviews in Shanghai Longfeng personnel are unable to correct to deal with professional interview, then Shanghai Longfeng community and the required skills to cope with the work of Shanghai dragon. The city of Mount Huangshan talent network Cheng Shanshan told you about yourself some experience for the interviewer to share, I think, to make the interview cannot refuse to must firmly grasp the three skills of interview.


Hello, I am Mount Huangshan City Talent Network director Cheng Shanshan, today the author from the perspective of their own to talk about the Shanghai dragon interview skills, and make sure your supervisor for your love.

I think there needs investigation and analysis mainly from three aspects of survey data.

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