The upcoming love Shanghai search earthquake, beyond the black station 6.28K events

in June and, fortunately, love Shanghai web search quality white paper will be released, sadly love Shanghai will give drop right some of the low quality of the site, this to the webmaster, whether it is business, personal or third party providers will be a gratifying sad thing. But this year is different from previous years, since the love of Shanghai in mid May released white paper on the quality of web search, although only the white outline, but as can be imagined is love Shanghai in the second half of the year will crack down on the white paper on the content and implementation. Perhaps, it will be like Shanghai search engine punishment low quality site is one of the worst; perhaps, a large number of earthquake which is history; perhaps, even beyond the 2012 6.28 large-scale K station event.

for the second half of this year, Shanghai love turmoil has one thing is very determined, and this may be ever more serious in those years, the author thinks that the upheaval love Shanghai will be a "earthquake", "felt" will spread to large and small stations. In addition, the love sea K station can be found in history in recent years in the K station are people very afraid, even some owners still hate love Shanghai scold love Shanghai. Of course, no matter what, love Shanghai punish low quality site is also behoove things, not because of the low quality of the site content and harm to the user. So, in order to set off the second half of this year, love Shanghai upheaval specifically cited three examples, the following is to review the previous K history, but also to let the webmaster better to treat their own website, you can make your website can bring the best to the user.

in 2011 February, Shanghai to love some of their algorithm adjusted the site range of moderate, the love of Shanghai punish the adjustment algorithm are as follows:

…When the


2011 love unrest in Shanghai…

to review the past, punish the event in 2011 and 2013, 2012 years to the various sites, either because of content, because some of the chain, either because of advertising, because some of the user experience, because some stations, no matter what kind of situation, as long as your site is cheating the phenomenon of love, Shanghai will punish your site. So, for the love of Shanghai search engine, love Shanghai want the users to find quality information to help themselves, in the search engine, so love Shanghai but would never let the low quality of the information displayed in the search engine, but will not let the user in the search engine page click several times but also find not to conform to the content information, although tolerance love Shanghai is very strong, love Shanghai anti spam team is a site of low quality poor, but Shanghai will definitely love one day to the low quality of the site in a year of punishment, and will let a webmaster wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

1, for some unfair industry website updates slow, ranking, and pass on

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