The web site is down right only not to give a snapshot included (on)

follow the prescribed order so to do, the site is sure can return to normal, but there is some available methods? Next, will be appropriate to increase the number and content of the original article, the original plan is updated every day by a turn five, the high weight forum spider forum Guide (e.g. A5, chinaZ and the like), in the purchase of several high quality Links, with strong stimulation can shorten the assessment period to love Shanghai. This is the plan, such as the results came out, and then write a review of this only to the snapshot not to receive.

How to make the out of this situation?

through these days of work, can basically determine the love of Shanghai started to pay attention to my stand, at least I can give a more stable the next snapshot, may be done before the change is too large, too often leads to a little love Shanghai don’t trust my site, so re examined.


to start this website, check the data collection of love Shanghai is 2 to 7 days before the snapshot. The day will make an article add, do a few outside the chain, to test the waters, there is no change in the basic data for second days. To add a piece of content every day, began to do the chain, try to add a few Links, after an update, the snapshot to three days, but still no change included. To a + every day outside the chain of construction, to the last big update, snapshot into the next snapshot and through these days of observation is fairly stable. But still included 2.

before the network to see a lot of people ask a daily updated website love Shanghai only included your home page, a snapshot of the next day and also very normal, but is not included in the content page. Always think that this is unbelievable, but I just recently met such a site, because it is your own personal experience finally have a more intuitive understanding of the problem, today to analyze the reason of such sites and some countermeasures.

I guess there are two reasons: one is that the site is a new station, love Shanghai to the railway station, reaction is slower, because there is a similar Google sandbox mechanism, if the new station encountered such a problem, I think this is very normal, but it also shows that the snapshot every day love Shanghai on your site is quite interesting, this is not the time to do what a big adjustment, only need to follow the prescribed order of the chain + content construction is enough, only need to wait through study. Two is that the website is not new, as do some modifications to site is down right into it, this is today I want to tell you the topic of discussion, the author on the stand for a long time did not finish, has changed two times a content + structure adjustment, of course, but also to avoid no changes in a title, this series of moves down and causing such a situation before.


Why would the this phenomenon? If the

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