360 to search a few suggestions for sustainable development

this way is in the current can be used, will be able to convince several other search engines together contain love Shanghai, see Zhou Hongyi would have been low-key and future strategy, as long as its "meet the needs of the current search engine users in order to do so, from the industry perspective, to a new definition of the search engine, supported several other search engines, it is possible. Of course, the maximum possible or the formation of a grand coalition, driven by the interests, not what can not be achieved.

if this alliance Baotuan quite closely, the 360 search lead, other portals backed Shanghai’s rival team will be love, of course a short time will not have too big change, if long-term force, even love the Shanghai market will be gradually eroded, until evenly.

360 search line at the beginning, many people are optimistic about the past few days, the website said the 360 test data search traffic from beyond the Sogou search engine accounted for the overall share of 10%, has become the third largest search engine in China, with the wind assessment that "3 dogs" or "300 war" has start. In fact this is at least 3 places worth a try to figure out, Sogou operating results of 8 years can be launched only a few days of the 360 search collapse; two is 360 days of data flow testing of the accuracy and authority; three is the 360 search for a change, low-key tangled, Zhou Hongyi is prepared to meet the challenge the search engine

360 is so low-key, will not cause other search in its sympathy, in fact, just entering the search site, the old couple does not cause the other predecessors of the siege, is good, and only in this way will slowly win other people’s favor, can we buy people gezonglianheng may. 360 low-key to enter the search engine market is a step of the game, so you can avoid a lot of disputes, is evident from this, Zhou Hongyi and soon Yi into the event can take temporary setbacks. The author believes that the 360 circles in the search engine to gain a foothold, you can consider the following points.

gezonglianheng, was aimed at Shanghai

probably, it is because of the 360 search low-key, only that Zhou Hongyi on the search engine in the business value, or 360 search now is really no advantage, will be everywhere weakness, when do the re launch the search engine wars, criterionsingle blockbuster. "Before I guess" 6 Qihoo 360 to enter the search engine market has been mentioned in an article, 360 search will eventually and love the Shanghai battle, which can be attributed to many fetters. Now in love with the sea first, realize 360 will go "line safety experts", has established a priority search security alliance, although the 360 neither painful nor itching blow, but that his attitude. The 360 is still not back, but is quietly doing their own thing, in the navigation home also changed their search engine.

love industry?

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