Tencent, micro-blog did not love Shanghai still included experience on Certification


some time ago to force Tencent micro-blog, the website marketing ideas for micro-blog update, the chain do very hard, a month later, found the love Shanghai unmoved, not included in the non included, downhearted, abandoned for a long time. Then search the related information in the love of Shanghai, found that most people say that micro-blog is not certified not included, authentication is more difficult for me, I became a collection of luxury. Most of the guys said, micro-blog is not included, they can do marketing, my concept is relatively simple, micro-blog is love Shanghai included, just a search engine to its weight recognition, since no authentication is not included, even if.

summarized above, the most important fact is micro-blog itself, if micro-blog itself is the lack of content, no fun, very boring, no one to see, no person, does not comply with the rules included love Shanghai, love to Shanghai to do the Internet search experience is best, what is the Internet search. The most suitable, so micro-blog users do love, love Shanghai naturally included, regardless of whether the authentication, love will be included in Shanghai. I want serious collapse of itself. "

1. do, my micro-blog each day hair short, Guo Yeye micro-blog started from June 2010, has now gone 352 days, micro-blog daily average volume of more than 11 messages.

3. in the authentication between users to establish contact, I admire the man with a hook. Certified micro-blog, very easy to cause the user to listen to, since I have not been certified, I will strengthen and certification of people, strengthen their own weight.

recently idle down, back to the world of micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent, my position is very complex, with nothing. Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love jokes, promotion, network marketing, playing basketball, the relevant domain as long as they are related to the love. One day they met a few friends talking about micro-blog included questions about their love of Shanghai micro-blog, was surprised to find that love Shanghai included the following photos as evidence.

2. to foreign propaganda, in A5, I love Shanghai, Post Bar on micro-blog know do propaganda, perhaps it is this kind of publicity attracted to love Shanghai spiders,

4. in Shanghai love their micro-blog search naturally or half unconsciously. In fact, it is somewhat similar to the love of Shanghai brush drop-down box, I believe the micro-blog collection is very helpful.

see included date of May 13, 2011, 31, today I found that micro-blog included, but also shows the normal for micro-blog’s attention is not enough, because micro-blog is not certified, so micro-blog did not open, the title is different from micro-blog’s micro-blog certification, certification of the title is "XXX" of micro-blog, and I Tencent or advertising. If the certification after the title and description should be changed over, my micro-blog is how to be included, following a simple record.

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